Schedule At A Glance (the order and the activities are subject to change)

March 17 – Pre Conference workshops, Dinner for all, Evening Activities (socials, game night, movie night, networking)
March 18 – Breakfast, Conference Workshops, Lunch, Keynote Speaker, Dinner, Awards Ceremony, Annual Meeting, Evening Activities
March 19 – Breakfast, Conference Workshops, Lunch (Speaker), Silent Auction Winners, Wrap Up Activity, Depart in Early Afternoon

Conference Schedule

The annual conference is a “paper-light” event, which means no program book will be distributed. You will find information on the opening session, exhibitor workshops, speakers, and schedules online. A PDF Program Book will also be available for you to download or print. 

(Subject to small changes)

PreConference Workshop

Pause with the Planet: Nourish Your Earth Relationship

Sunday, March 17; 1-4 PM; $30

What does it mean to be in relationship with the earth and how does that show up for you? How often do you get a chance to talk with the earth or devote time to nurture the bond you have with this beautiful planet? Much of our life is ‘busy,’ and while that can be fulfilling, research shows we could all use more ‘Vitamin-N (nature),’ these simpler, deeper connections to welcome in the peace and joy of the earth, our true nature.

Join Tara Muenz, earth relationship facilitator, on a journey communing and communicating, resting, and pausing. Through writing and meditation, hands-on activities, walks and breathwork, she will assist you in feeling alive and well, in deeper reverence for all life here, including yourself.

In this workshop you will learn and experience:

  • the importance of true presence with nature and how simple and easy this connection can be
  • opening your heart further to the Earth’s love and the freedom and acceptance that comes in doing so
  • A gratitude and appreciation practice for all beings (animate and inanimate)
  • writing a love letter to the earth
  • techniques to transform environmental grief, anger, overwhelm, and depression
  • the 3As (Awareness, Appreciation and Action) approach to living in greater harmony with humanity
  • energy boosting and clearing techniques through breathwork and the ancient practice of QiGong
  • earth communication techniques
  • feel replenished and stronger in your foundation, your core of you!
  • walk away with clear steps on continuing the seeds you planted in this workshop
  • connect with a nature ally


Bring a journal, water bottle, and dress in comfortable layers. More information will be sent prior to the workshop. Pending weather, we will be outdoors as much as possible. Questions? Email Tara at

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Joe Stahlman
The Gift: Restoring Balance In Our Relationship to Place

Dr. Joe Stahlman is the Director of Seneca Nation’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office. Recently, he transitioned from the director of Seneca-Iroquois National Museum-Onöhsagwë:de’ Culture Center to his new role. Joe is a scholar and researcher of Tuscarora descent. He has over 30 years of research experience working with First Peoples and allies. His research focuses on culture and history, as well as ongoing socio-economic and health & wellness-related endeavors with Native communities. He takes an active role in addressing the spaces Native peoples occupy in North American museums, arts, archaeology, cultural resource management, and scholarship. Joe regularly talks about the need to promote equity, equality, and justice among all peoples in North American society through a number of reconciliatory processes that are inclusive for all and empower people to express agency through creative and intellectual endeavors.

Dr. Stahlman discusses the importance of incorporating holistic knowledge into the role of environmental protection. He stresses the need to move beyond accepted definitions of what constitutes environmentalism. In his exploration of safeguarding natural resources, Dr. Stahlman blends concepts of indigenous knowledge and ideas like love in his conversation. Indigenous Peoples’ passion and observance extends beyond knowing and loving the Earth. He explains the spiritual connection to the Earth is embedded in a pragmatic relationship with the world around them, and not static like the widely accepted Rousseauian view of Indigenous Peoples in Nature. He concludes his talk with how environmental educators can incorporate their own worldviews and ideas of love into their work.

Tuesday Lunch Speaker - Miranda Moore, Miss Pennsylvania 2023

The importance of environmental education is evident in Miranda Moore, Miss Pennsylvania 2023. In her first sustainability course, she learned about the tremendous impacts of human activity on the environment, and has since committed her education and career to making positive change.

Now, as a certified Environmental Engineer (EIT) and Sustainability Professional (ENV SP), Miranda uses her technical background combined with her platform as Miss Pennsylvania to raise awareness and advocate for sustainability across our state.

In this presentation, she will be sharing about her own sustainability journey, which ultimately led to the creation of a global advocacy organization, highlighting the challenges and opportunities she found along the way.

Closing Ceremony - Elizabeth Mills

Before heading home, participants will be given an opportunity to have a heartfelt connection with the Earth in the wild, celebrating their love with and dedication to the land via an outdoor forest bathing-style closing ceremony with Forest Therapy Guide Elizabeth Mills. 

Elizabeth grew up climbing trees and searching for wild orchids. She has been the co-owner of a PA plant health care company since 2007 and became a Pennsylvania Forest Steward in 2010. After she studied at Longwood Gardens for her Landscape Design certification in 2012, she has been dedicated to restoring 38 acres of woodlands and meadows in Lancaster County and to providing her clients with gardens designed for wildlife. Elizabeth is honored to provide opportunities for others to deepen their connection with nature as a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide as well. She can usually be found eating chocolate, researching, or loving on the birds, trees, and humans in her world.