Support Environmental Educators in Pennsylvania!

Giving Tuesday November 2023

As we embrace the season of gratitude and generosity, we are excited to share that we’re participating in Giving Tuesday. Last year we achieved 100% participation from our dedicated board and employees. This year, we’re reaching out to you with the hope that you’ll join us in making an even greater impact.

This year, in memory of our friend, supporter, and mentor, Ruth Roperti, our focus is on the Environmental Education (EE) Certification Scholarship Fund, a vital initiative that empowers passionate individuals to further their commitment to environmental education. Your support on Giving Tuesday will directly contribute to this fund, opening doors for educators to enhance their skills and deepen their impact on the next generation.

How your contribution makes a difference:

**Empowering Educators:** Your donation enables educators to pursue EE certification, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to inspire environmental stewardship in their students.

**Expanding Access:** By supporting the scholarship fund, you help break down financial barriers, ensuring that a diverse range of educators can participate and contribute to the field of environmental education.

**Fostering Positive Change:** Every dollar invested in the EE Certification Scholarship Fund is an investment in a more sustainable and environmentally aware future. Your contribution contributes to creating a ripple effect of positive change through education.

Your participation, big or small, is a powerful force for positive change. Together, let’s make this Giving Tuesday a celebration of generosity, community, and a brighter future for environmental education. Ready to make a difference? Donate today!

We  unite, support, and empower Pennsylvania’s environmental educators by:

  • Hosting an annual conference – March 17-19, 2024
  • Provides monthly Professional Development opportunities
  • Listing job openings for environmental education positions in PA
  • Professionally certify Environmental Educators in Pennsylvania
  • Offering conference scholarships
  • Expanding networking opportunities
  • Offering eeCOURSES for EE professionals

For more information about making a donation, please contact Stacey Widenhofer, PAEE Administrative Coordinator via email at